What does eel taste like? This question is perhaps what’s bugging your mind at the moment because you might have been wondering how it is like, especially if you have not tried it before. I had the same experience as yours, which is why I’d like to share what I know about it for your reference to decide if you should try it or not.

What Are Eels?​

They are elongated fish with sizes from two inches up to four meters in the giant moray. They swim through body wave generation, which runs in their body’s length, allowing them to swim backward through reversing the wave direction, let’s say.

What Do Eels Taste Like?​

If you have not tasted eels, then you might be interested to know how they are like, especially if you were reluctant to do so.

First, it has a light and sweet taste, something you can compare with the taste of salmon. The only difference is that they have a firmer meat than salmon has. But if you’d soak eel in soy sauce, you might not be able to tell what the real differences between the two are.​

Now for some people, they say that the eel is tasteless. But if you love squids and the likes, as well as sushi, you’d love eels. They are a part of the Japanese cuisine culture for many years.

For the Japanese, the fish’s meat can make them healthy and lovely, making its market to boom. They could be right after all. Did you know that the fish contain calcium, protein, fats and vitamin E?

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So in that case, you might want to replace your traditional chicken with gravy and eat more eels in your diet to get its total health benefits.​

How to Prepare Eels Video:​

Who Eat Eels?

Apart from the Japanese that eat marine eels or anago and unagi or freshwater eels in their foods, including unajuu and unadon, this fish is famous in other parts of the world.

Both saltwater and freshwater eels are used in many ways in the Japanese food culture due to their distinct taste.

For example, freshwater eels or unagi is famous for its rich and bold taste, while saltwater eel, or anago, is popular for its natural and sweet taste.

Both of the eels are important in the Japanese culture for thousands of years.

In China and Hong Kong, eels are also popular in dishes.

In Hong Kong, they are very expensive, often with a price ranging between 1000 and 5000 Hong Kong dollars.

In Korea, they’re also used in cuisines, mainly for their stamina-boosting effects for men.

They’re also eaten in other parts of the world, including in the United States and Europe. In traditional East London, jellied eels are partnered with mash and pie.

Without even saying, eels are popular foods in many parts of the world.[Freshwater eels contain loads of calcium, protein, and vitamins, as well as a good aphrodisiac. Thus, eels are eaten for increasing one’s vitality and strength, especially in the Day of the Ox.]​

How to Cook Eels: Two Easy Recipes

Grilled Freshwater Eels​


  • One eel
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Sweet sauce made from the fish trimmings, rice wine, sugar and soy sauce
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  • Once the fish has been filleted and deboned through a sharp knife, grill it in an open flame to melt its fat layer just sitting under its skin.
  • After, steam and drain it of oil before basting it in the sweet sauce.
  • Grill it again so that the fish can absorb the sauce’s flavor.
  • Serve it as sashimi or with a bowl of rice.

Fried Eels


  • A pound of eel
  • A cup of flour
  • Cajun seasoning
  • One cup of oil
  • A teaspoon of garlic
  • A teaspoon of onion
  • A teaspoon of seafood seasoning
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • White wine
  • 2 tsp. of butter


  • Clean, skin and cut the eels into chunks.
  • Combine your seasonings, pepper, onion, garlic and oil.
  • Add your eel on it and then marinate it in the fridge for an hour.
  • Dredge the fish in flour, and then start sautéing in the pan for about seven minutes.
  • Add some white wine.
  • Add in the butter.
  • Cook the fish until it browns.

How to Store Eels

Now if you’re looking to cold store or freeze eels, then you can do it just like how you do with other types of fishes. Before storing, be sure to clean it, in the same way that you would do before cooking it. You can freeze it in blocks in a freezer.

NOTE: The fish has a high fat content; thus, you should protect it from drying out and rancidity. In this case, you should glaze and then seal it in a flexible packaging. Do not freeze it un-gutted, or your fish will be blooded and discolored.​

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Shelf Life: If frozen and stored correctly at -30-degree Celsius, they will be in good condition for more than six months.

Final Thoughts​

They are nutritious, easy to prepare, and best part delicious. Include it in your diet, pair it with rice or bread and finish off your meal with a sweet dessert.

Again, the answer to the question what does eel taste like is that they have a rich flavor and a delicious taste, but nevertheless, they’re loaded with protein, vitamins and calcium.

Did you enjoy today’s guide? I hope you did. Now if you had eels before, could you share how it tastes like with our community? Thanks!​

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