How to use a meat slicer?More and more people nowadays prefer slicing their meat at home by themselves than buying a pre-sliced meat joints or having the meat sliced at the butcher’s. It is much cheaper to slice meat at home. But not to have any troubles with slicing it by yourself with a knife you can use so-called meat slicer. It is a kind of device made especially for those who like eating meat and don’t want to have any problems with slicing. With the help of such device you usually can slice vegetables and cheeses so it will be quite well for vegetarians too. If you are sick and tired of slicing food by yourself it is a device for you.

There are two kinds of meat slicers – manual and electric ones. Manual devices are rather old-fashioned though they can be as efficient as electric ones. To run a manual food slicer you need to apply some strength as you need to run a blade by yourself. It may be pretty difficult but still, some people prefer these devices for their reliability and the feeling of preparing meat with your own hands. An electric device has an electric engine to run the blade so it is not as reliable as a manual item but faster and also can be more convenient. Actually, it is up to you to decide what kind of device to choose as they both can make perfect slices.

The construction of manual and electric devices has some common features. There is a food carriage to carry the food which hasn’t been sliced yet, and a blade. The blade is run with a handle or with a motor ruled with the help of control panel. Also, there is a dial to set a thickness of a slice. Usually you can choose any thickness and get paper-thick slices as well as ones of medium thickness. There is also a clamp for meat or other food to hold it when slicing.

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The devices of such kind are not too difficult to operate.  You put a joint of meat on the carriage and with the help of clamp fix it on the carriage. Usually, on the clamp you can find some little points which stick out to make it possible to hold the meat safely when gliding it nearer to the blade. Then you should adjust the thickness of a slice with the help of a dial. Only after that you can turn the device on. Be sure not to do it earlier as setting a meat joint and adjusting thickness when the blade is moving can be extremely dangerous. When the device is working, you can make a first slice to see if the thickness is set correctly. If it is, continue slicing, gliding the meat to the blade until you have sliced all of it. Then you can turn a meat slicer off and finish the work.

As you see, the device is rather easy to use, and it will be very useful for you when working in the kitchen.

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