How much gravy per person is proper? Gravy, a sauce made from the seasoned and thickened juices of cooked meat, makes our dishes more exciting. I love gravies, and if you do as well, you may want to keep reading as I share how much of it should be served per person.

How Much Of It Per Person Is Appropriate?​

According to the experts, about one-third cup per person is recommended when serving gravy. So if you’re preparing for eight people, you will need 20 ounces or 25 ounces for ten people. But then if you’re serving for a big gathering, let’s say, 30 people, you should prepare 30 ounces of gravy.

How Much Gravy to Make​

The preceding section leads us to this point.

The next thing you might want to know is how much of it to cook, especially if you’re not used to making it for a gathering, other than for your family. Especially with the holiday season, when you might be hosting a family reunion or an event, you should know exactly how much of this special sauce to make to avoid leftovers or wasting in the end.

So aside from knowing how much of lard or white sugar to use for your recipes, or what asparagus recipe you can prepare to go along with the meals you’re planning to prepare for the event, you should know how much gravy to make.

Learning about it is sensible so that you will exactly know how much exactly to prepare based on the number of guests you’ll serve. As a basic rule of thumb, it might always be better to prepare an amount, which is a little bit more than the exact amount based on the recommended one I’ve shared earlier.​

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Preparing for a Larger Group (50+)​

You won’t want to run out of gravy when you needed to serve a larger crowd. So in that case, you might also want to know how much to make if you’d have to serve for 50 people, for instance.​

  1. Toast two cups of flour, and then brown it for a good flavor. Keep stirring it as you’re cooking to prevent your flour from burning. Use a big copper cookware for this larger amount of gravy. If you don’t have a large pot, then you might have to cook in batches.
  2. Push your flour to a sieve to take out any lumps that formed during cooking. As a tip, you can prepare it ahead of time to save some of it when you have to speed up the cooking for the upcoming event.
  3. Mix your flour with the broth in making the gravy. So if you’re cooking a turkey, you should remove the gizzard, liver, neck and heart and use them for the broth. Now if you’re not cooking a turkey, then you can make a stock using a pack of turkey wings, which should also work well.
  4. Add your meat to the pot of water along with onion, celery, garlic, salt and bay leaves, as well as anything that you think would add to the richness and flavor of the sauce.
  5. Simmer your stock, until you’re ready to serve the gravy.
  6. Out of the roasting pan, start siphoning some of the meat drippings, and then add them to the toasted flour to create a paste.
  7. Add your meat stock, and then simmer them for about 30 minutes.​
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Using this preparation method, you can make as much as the gravy you would need. You can also make use of other meat drippings/stock for your gravy if you don’t have turkey, or you want to make pork or beef gravy.

There you have the easy method on how to make gravy for 50 people or even more. Remember that it is always better to prepare more gravy than what I recommended above to ensure that you wouldn’t be running out of it in case someone spilled a jug of it!

How To Make Gravy Tutorial

Storing Leftover Gravy

Remember to store leftover sauce it immediately using an airtight container. Use it within two days. If you’d want to reheat it, just boil it while you’re constantly whisking. Simmer it until you’re ready to serve it.

Frozen gravy, on the other hand, can stay safe for up to three months.Remember to freeze them in manageable portions, each in zip lock bag. Before storing, you should see to it that you have squeezed out the air and you have flattened your gravy so that it won’t take as much as space in your freezer.

There you have what you need to know about how much gravy per person to be preparing for a small or large group so that you can prevent running out of it in case someone spills some. I hope that I helped you learn about the proper amount of gravy per person you need today!

Did you find this tutorial useful? Tell us in the comment section. Finally, can you share us your particular experience in cooking gravy or if you have some tips to share with our community?​

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