Food slicers: how to choose the right slicer among the bestIf the newest kitchen appliances scary you with the abundance of grates, attachments and buttons, then buy a food slicer. You will be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the device that you have only seen in deli or at the butcher’s.

It will definitely change the way almost all meals prepared by you look. After all what dishes do not require slicing food? Very few, actually. In several years’ time food slicers will become irreplaceable in our kitchens and neatly sliced meats will become quite an ordinary phenomenon. And until then you still have a chance to produce a real wow-effect when you serve restaurant-like plates of foods to your guests. But you really need to hurry, so here is an efficient customer guide on choosing your best food slicer.

There are several features of a food slicer which define its quality. Those are the material, safety features and user-friendliness.

When material is concerned, experts recommend choosing stainless steel models – they have a host of advantages over the plastic ones. First, they are easier to clean; second, steel is more long-lasting and third, it slices the food more beautifully.

As a rule, meat slicers don’t have that complicated a construction, so cleaning it won’t take you a lot of effort. And again, cleaning a stainless steel food slicer is less time-consuming that cleaning a plastic one. Also check whether the blade is easily removable for easier maintenance.

User-friendliness first of all means safety. So when reading the product description find out whether the food slicer under consideration features a safety- button that ensure that the blade is hidden when the appliance is turned off. Also check whether the device has a safety feature which prevents the appliance from turning on automatically. The indicator showing when the device is in operation also adds up to the safety level.

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After all the main parameters are considered you need to look for the food slicer which answers to all your requirements. This means choosing the perfect size: in case you need this appliance only to slice ham and cheese before you serve a meal – then a compact device will suffice. Otherwise, buy a smaller item. And note that bigger devices will save you more money in the long run – you will be able to buy large portions of meat, than slice it nicely and quickly instead of buying expensive deli meats. Small slicers also do that but obviously they won’t be able to manage large items. Another feature is the number of settings for creating different types of thickness. And don’t forget to check out the power of the appliance – the stickier the food you are going to slice is – the more powerful your ideal meat slicer should be.

Home food slicers are usually pretty compact models and they operate more slowly when compared with professional models. So in case you are going to slice large portions of food regularly, choose the models with the highest speed and power.

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